Founded in 2006, the Seattle based Biosimilarity, LLC is the leading Pacific Northwest Consultancy on the topics of Mathematical Modeling via Monadic Design Patterns and the Scala functional programming language.  

Our team has extensive experience building DSL's, rule-based systems, and monitoring management solutions, such as ATM network management system for NCR's solutions in TSB and Sumitomo banks. One of Biosim's managing partners was the principal architect of MSFT's BizTalk Process Orchestration.

We are a Certified Vendor for Microsoft® and HP®.

 Greg Meredith

Greg Meredith has supported his math habit by working in computing. He was the principal architect of Microsoft's BizTalk's Process Orchestration offering and took on the burden of contributing to the early WSDL spec to keep it from being more of a train wreck than it is. He also worked on Microsoft's super secret BigTop project, working on an OS and Programming Language pair, based on process calculi. Prior to that he was one of the core members of the Carnot Team at the first industrial research consortium, the now defunct MCC. There he worked with Christine Tomlinson on Rosette/ESS, a fully reflective actor-based programming language with a high performance execution engine.

Mike Stay

Mike Stay has a bachelor's degree in physics, a master's degree in

computer science, and is currently working on his PhD.  He worked for
four years as a cryptanalyst and reverse engineer, and for five years
was one of the principal developers on Google's Caja project, a
virtualization layer for web browsers built on the object-capability
security model.  Mike has published papers on cryptanalysis,
algorithmic information theory, thermodynamics, quantum computation,
and higher category theory.

Charles Munat

Charles F. Munat has been designing and developing dynamically-generated, database-backed websites since 1996. He has built dozens of websites over the years, as well as desktop applications, COM objects, Internet applications, and applets. His clients have included restaurants, bars, real estate agencies, clinics, universities, power companies, professional organizations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Among his former clients are the California Independent Systems Operator, which operates power lines all over California; the WADI Environmental Science Center in Egypt; the University of Washington Behavior Research Center; the Washington State Bartenders Guild; and the New Hampshire Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

He has worked in more than a dozen different languages, including C, C++, Java, C#, VB,, Tcl/Tk, PHP, CFML, Ruby, and, most recently, Scala.

Charles built his first professional website to comply with the Web Content Authoring Guidelines (for accessibility to persons with disabilities) when the guidelines were still in working draft form. He has been an aggressive proponent of accessibility, usability, and standards compliance for more than a decade.