Biosimilarity LLC is looking for a the next Merlin! We need an artiste with a certain taste and technical instinct that have attracted them to next generation functional programming languages and other high magic. We need a technologist who can make the demons and dragons of web front ends do their bidding while making sound architectural and platform choices. Naturally, comfort with the Open Source ecosystem from git and GitHub to mvn and/or sbt to Jenkins is a given. For such a candidate we don't have to talk about familiarity with Scala or Haskell or ML or JavaScript or Clojure because they eat languages for breakfast and graphics libraries for lunch.

The initial engagement is for a limited contract. However, if things go well, who knows what adventures await? The innovations and market potential of the project are guaranteed to keep any sorcerer fascinated. And, you'll get a chance to work with a team of like-minded magicians with long track records of delivering landmark software. While Biosimilarity is a Seattle-based company, telecommuting is definitely an option for the right candidate. If you feel like this might be you, please contact me directly at this email or via the number provided below. Sending along a CV in advance of a more personable communication is likely to be the most effective protocol, but we're always open to creativity. An online portfolio of web projects could be an advantage, but again raw creativity and can-do carry the day here.